3 Tactics to Effective Email Marketing

May 4, 2016   |   Margaret Chialastri

As marketers, we know that email marketing (or the use of email in database marketing) is far from dead. In fact, 72% of adults in the United States prefer e-mail communication from companies over other types of communication. So, how do we send email effectively to increase our readership and brand loyalty rather than detracting?


  1. Email Segmentation

Manual list building is great but automated segmentation is better. Many email sending tools will automatically segment your list and also feed data back to your user profiles. When is a user is more likely to open emails or click on CTAs? Where does the user navigate on your website or what products do they purchase? The more data you have the better you can segment your user profiles. Segmentation has been proven to increase open rates, increase conversions, decrease unsubscribes, and increase brand loyalty.


  1. Subject Lines

The email subject line can make or break the success of your email campaign. You could develop, write, and personalize the perfect email but if no one opens the email then your metrics go through the floor. Spend as much time on the development of an optimized subject line as is spent on the body of the email. Utilize A/B testing and remember that there is a balance between open rates and the action that you would like your audience to take once they open the email. Remember, the subject line needs to be compelling but also relevant. When was the last time you received an email where the subject line forced you to open the email only to find it wasn’t what you expected and was immediately deleted? Happens all the time! Find the balance for each segment between your KPIs; knowing that the open rate holds the key to the other metrics.


  1. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Just like websites, emails have to be optimized for the mobile device. Over half of email is being opened on a mobile device which makes it obvious that mobile optimization is crucial to campaign success. Not just design elements such as white space, touch optimized links, concise copy, but also optimize for image blocking, use table-based layouts, and update interactive e-mails for iOS9.


As with any other marketing campaign, it takes constant testing, optimizing, and continual refinement to develop a great email marketing campaign. Using the 3 tactics to sending email will help with your overall marketing effectiveness and help you achieve those business KPIs.

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