5 Tips to Improve Web Design

February 18, 2016   |   Margaret Chialastri

I think we can all agree that web design is more than just making pretty pictures. Web design can increase time on site, deliver your message more effectively, and increase conversion rates. Follow these 5 tips to improve your current web design and keep your happy pageviewers.


  1. Five Seconds
    If a pageviewer cannot determine the purpose of your website within five seconds of being on your homepage it is ineffective and needs to be changed. Communicate the product, the company, and why the visitor should care clearly and concisely above the fold.
  2. Photography not Stock Pictures
    There is nothing worse than stock photography being splattered across your website. Invest in good high quality photography and have the person in the photograph looking in the direction of the content that is important within the page. People are naturally drawn to where the person is looking.
  3. Responsive Design
    Isn’t this a no-brainer by now? I wish! Responsive design is much better for user experience than designing for a device. Responsive design has been shown to decrease bounce rates and give you a better chance at converting your pageviewers.
  4. Embrace the Space
    It’s easy to think you have to fill up a webpage with messaging and photography. How else will the pageviewer know why they are here (remember the 5 second rule)? This couldn’t be further from the truth! White space increases the readability of a website and allows you to guide the visitor through your desired path.
  5. Call to Action
    We all know what the end goal is for a pageviewer so make it easy for them! Do you want me to buy an item or download your e-book? OKAY, tell me how! Keep your calls to action appropriate (think not spammy), helpful, and make it easy for your visitor to convert.

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