5 Ways You Aren’t Using Search Console

August 2, 2016   |   Margaret Chialastri

Google’s Search Console, previously Webmaster Tools, is a valuable tool for understanding how the mega search engine is crawling and indexing your website. While most webmasters and marketer’s login to view current stats in search console are we using the data in the best way possible?


1.      Improving Organic Click Through Rates

Login to Search Console and we all know that you can view your website search analytics. Dig a little deeper and you are able to find out which of your pages have high visibility and low click through rates? Use that list in order to revamp the title tags and descriptions for those pages to increase traffic to the website.


2.      Ensuring Schema Markup Is Implemented Correctly

Schema Markup is special code placed on your website that helps search engines understand the information you are presenting. This could be logos, addresses, phone numbers, event information, pricing, ratings, etc. Having proper schema markup helps to improve your search engine results making it crucial that it is implemented correctly. Within the Search Appearance section is the Structured Data report. In this report, you will be able to not only verify that your markup is correct but it also provides you a tool to test on the live data to ensure proper implementation.

3.      Implementing Schema Markup Without a Developer

If you don’t have access to the backend of the website or maybe you are months away from having a developer’s time, Search Console makes it easy to implement.  Use the Data Highlighter tool to implement structured data by selecting a web page on your site, telling Google what type of information is presented, and literally highlighting the information within the tool. It is easy to use and if you make a mistake you can clear the tag directly from Search Console!

4.      Clean Up Your Link Profile

Look into what domains are linking the most to your website and where they are linking to. Update older posts to ensure you keep those high-quality backlinks and investigate backlinks that are low quality or spam. For any backlinks that are low quality, reach out to the domain owners asking for them to remove any links to your website.


5.      Focus on 2nd and 3rd Page Opportunities

Using the Search Analytics report we can dig into keyword positions focusing on keywords between position 11 and 30. Once we determine our opportunities based on impressions and traffic we can then focus our internal linking strategy, content marketing strategy, and promotion toward those keywords and landing pages.

Search Console is a great tool to help take your search engine optimization to the next level. Try out these 5 reports and tools and let us know how you do – Tweet us @BlueWaterDC!