A Single-Minded Solution For A Multi-Disciplinary Company

June 16, 2016   |   Blue Water

Picture the scenario, you run a factory that makes baked goods. But with an increase in demand, you find that you are having problems keeping up with supply. Your production line is not running as efficiently as it should. So you turn to one of the largest global performance improvement companies on the planet—GP Strategies—for a solution. As the ‘hands-down’ experts in the areas of performance engineering, process improvement, professional training, systems integration, maintenance reliability, software engineering and more—they have exactly what you need.

After a customary Google search, you land on the new GP Strategies website, and from a drop down menu, you choose your industry: Process. But what happens next is the best part. Because of your choice, every interaction on the website from that moment on is delivered to you through the lens of your industry—and your industry only! Forget that GP Strategies serves more than 16 industries. Forget that as someone in the Process industry, you have no interest in wading through reams of irrelevant information related to other industries, like Financial & Insurance or Healthcare—because you won’t have to!

That’s the challenge Blue Water faced when GP Strategies came calling. The performance improvement company wanted a new website, but with over 16 industries on their client roster, and as many stand-alone solutions, they needed a site that could smartly discern between their different clients and the industries they served.

Blue Water took up the challenge, building out a new site architecture (befitting a company of this magnitude); designing a new Content Strategy (to make sense of the scope of information); interviewing scores of industry-specific SMEs (to set the tone for each industry and the services they provide); and finally, proceeded with the content creation and photographic selection relevant to 16+ industries respectively.

The result? A complex site made simple.

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