Segmenting Data in Google Analytics

August 29, 2016   |   Margaret Chialastri

Chances are you have or currently are using Google Analytics for your web property, as it is currently used by more than 30 million websites for visitor tracking and data. Even though GA is so widely used, many users are unaware of features that make analysis much easier and more informative.

Segments within Google Analytics are important when trying to look at specific portions of your website traffic. Within segments, you have the ability to include traffic or exclude traffic depending on the data you are looking for. In the video below you will see how easy it is to setup new segments such as only looking at traffic that came from Google.



You can also look at multiple segments and compare them, such as traffic from Maryland versus traffic from Virginia. Should we target Virginia users in our marketing efforts of Maryland?



You can create segments with multiple parameters, using conditions and regular expressions, and a ton of other interesting ways. In the following video, we create a segment containing visitors who come from Google and visit our blog, then edit the segment to contain visitors who come from Google, Bing, Yahoo, or AOL and visit our blog. Are those who visit our blog page more engaged?



Segments don’t change our data only how we are viewing it so jump into Google Analytics and give it a try – you’ll be amazed at how you can dive into the data and get insights that you haven’t had before.

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