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MissionSideWFH combines superior customer experience and work from home reliability to solve the most demanding business process outsourcing challenges.

We Provide:

Rapid Deployment
Combining our advanced, proven cloud-based technology solution with pre-screened work from home agents allows us to rapidly start and scale your customer service operations on demand.

True OmniChannel Service
MissionSideWFH offers true omnichannel capability including inbound & outbound calling, email, SMS, and chat.

Quality Built-In
We utilize the latest advances in interaction analytics to provide your customers with a quality customer experience regardless of channel. Our business intelligence platform surfaces deep insights to refine training and drive continuous improvement.

Resilience and Reliability
By combining cloud-based technology with geographically dispersed work from home operations, MissionSideWFH delivers far superior resiliency and reliability over traditional “bricks and mortar” contact centers.

Expert Operational Planning
Our expert capacity planning strategists use our proprietary modeling tools to refine staffing requirements to half-hour intervals based on your service level requirements and anticipated contact volumes. Unlike our competitors, our planning teams specialize in launching new operations or deploying emergency surge response capacity where there is no historical data or operational precedent.

About Missionside

MissionSide was founded in 2014 to provide mission-oriented government and non-profit organizations with superior customer experience services. MissionSide has steady cash flows, expanding revenues, and the working capital resources required to support and grow the business. MissionSide revenues have approximately doubled each fiscal year (FY18 - $3.4M, FY19 - $6.1M) and we are currently supporting approximately 1,800 employees. MissionSide carries no long-term debt and our liabilities are all tied to the labor associated with the performance of our contracts. Our 2.0 quick ratio demonstrates our solvency and strong financial position. MissionSide also has a $9M line of credit available to support rapid increases in payroll or new program deployment support costs.

Case study

Since 2016, MissionSide has provided the United States Census Bureau with advanced planning and operations support for the 2020 Decennial Census. For this critical constitutionally-mandated program, MissionSide provides overall operational planning, management, capacity strategy, and background clearance leadership for the entire 8,000 agent contact center operation distributed across 10 sites. MissionSide is responsible for directly operating two of these sites consisting of 1,000 agents in Nashville, TN and 800 agents in Pueblo, CO.


Download our sheet data.